Luxury Service.

You’ve officially met your match in the form of a luxury shoe repair concierge service! Delivery service available nationwide. Send your damaged Loubs to us in their worst condition and have them delivered back to you completely revamped! Stunning is an understatement. You are responsible for shipping one way. They are always sent back free of charge! (We make in-person delivery exceptions, as well).

Luxury Materials.

The only repair service in California to use 100% authentic, high-quality materials to fix your damaged Louboutins! No-slip bottoms, yet still authentically beautiful after repair due to the highest quality of materials used. Even the most damaged shoes will look like they did the day you bought them!

Luxury Innovation.

Say goodbye to the rubbery look of refurbished designer Loubs! “No-slip” bottoms have been reinforced without the tacky rubber design!  Feel confident in knowing you can even seal your newest pairs of shoes with MyShoeConcierge without a doubt in your mind on quality!

Step 1: Evaluation


Your heels will be personally evaluated by our repair specialists and an accurate quote and time frame will be provided to you. Just snap a few photos of your damaged shoes and attach them to your E-Contract. 

Step 2: Send


Package your shoes on up and ship them to our facilities in Los Angeles, California. We factor your shipping cost and time into our pricing and of course offer complimentary, first class return delivery.

Step 3: Receive


While waiting for your shoes to be fixed by our team, you may opt to receive around the clock updates on the status of your shoes including in-house photos. We will be here to help all the way up until the day your shoes arrive and even after to receive your feedback!


All Prices Are Estimates And Reflect Return Shipping, Repair Price, And Your Own Personalized Shoe Repair Specialist To Price Your Order, Answer Questions, And Send Updates.  

The Prices Below Reflect The Absolute Most/Maximum Amount To Be Paid Per Item. 

Depending On Our Evaluation - Your Price May Be Reduced. In This Instance, You Will Be Provided With A Discount Code To Adjust Your Order‘s Price To The Correct Amount.

Express Concierge Repair

All shoes take up to a maximum of 4 weeks upon receiving to be returned to our clients perfected. The amount of orders as well as amount of work your shoes require both factor into the processing time.

Jump to the front of the line by paying just $39 for Express Concierge. We guarantee your shoes returned back to you within 14 business days at the most.

In the extremely rare occurrence that this timeframe is not met - your express fee will be refunded while still enjoying early shipping. You will also be compensated for the inconvenience. 

If your deadline is due to a special event, make sure to speak with your repair specialist about your timeline. These questions will be asked regardless.

You will see the Express Concierge option at checkout when you go to place your order.

Step One: Text (424) 444-5244

You will work with a shoe repair specialist as we believe in completely personalizing your experience with us!

You will be issued our E-Contract while providing all corresponding information regarding your order. Once this fast and easy process is complete, you may make your purchase and send your shoes on in!

Step 2: Purchase

Customer Service








In-Person Delivery Exceptions Possible.

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What better place for a luxury shoe repair concierge service to be born than Los Angeles, California? 

It all began when I noticed how easily Christian Louboutin shoes scratch..

Although these shoes were made for the red carpet, fashionistas everywhere opted for the expensive shoes to become part of their everyday wardrobe. It is not uncommon for the shoes to be seen on countless celebrities, models, and glamour girls alike looking to make a statement with a pair of red-soled pumps.

With their price tag well over $1,000 - many owners hope to get more than one wear out of their shoes. 

Therefore, it isn’t uncommon to see the red soles of the iconic shoes scratched.

I saw girls wearing the shoes scratched in photo shoots, and saw repaired versions of the shoes that were rubbery and unflattering. 

I believed in a way to get more wears out of your favorite pairs of shoes without compromise.

That’s when MyShoeConcierge was born..

It began as a luxury delivery service in Los Angeles offering physical, in-person delivery to and from the client with the usage of drivers.

As we are revamping and making our services available nationwide, our luxury services lay within our quality of repair, level of personalized communication with each and every one of our clients, and our quick and reliable shipment and delivery services.