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L O U I S • V U I T T O N

These are the remainder of the Louis Vuitton purses from my collection that I am willing to sell. 

All purses are authentic and were purchased from a Louis Vuitton store, in-person.

Date tags are inside of every bag. Apart from the photos of the receipts shown in the gallery of each item, I also forward the original PDF receipt email dating back to the original date and time of purchase. All e-mails were sent from Louis Vuitton’s official email address: vuitton@us.vuitton.com

You will receive the full forwarded email with attached PDF receipt. I can even screen record myself forwarding the receipt to you! This way, you will not only have a forwarded email receipt from Louis Vuitton - but physical proof of the way in which I forwarded it to you.

You may request additional information, photos, as well as videos showing any item(s) in great detail by filling out the contact form below or by texting my assistant Mishti at +1.424.444.5244



WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! That’s right..

All countries are included in shopping for my wardrobe - as we leave no countries out in our shipping process. Fast and reliable shipping services are offered. For those of you in the United States, you receive FREE, insured shipping with tracking number. All other countries pay just $12.99USD for first class, secured international shipping. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

Please feel free to ask any and all questions, request additional photos/videos, or comment on any of the items listed.